The moon has acne scars and she's still beautiful

Be Beautiful And Love Yourself

Beauty is only skin deep, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. As the sayings go, external attractiveness has little to do with overall quality. What may appeal to one person may not to another. Also, there is beauty in the imperfection, one just has to see it.  Most people see beauty in how attractive something or someone looks on the external surface. I believe there is more to the true definition of beauty than meets the eye. 

People usually never see beauty for the multitude of perspectives it can offer. Even when one looks at objects displayed in a  store window, the more fancy the decoration the better. But what if the objects in the window are just placed in a random way, would it still have the same appeal? I think yes they would depends on the eye viewing it.

If one thinks or pictures the moon, it has craters, in color really plain and ordinary if you really think about it. But if one delves deeper than the surface would there be a form of beauty there to see? 

Stars in space, clouds in the sky, the sun reflecting off a river or lake; perhaps animals walking in the forest are all examples of beauty on their own. 

There is no clear way to define beauty, its really in the eye of the beholder. Also, it comes in a myriad of forms.

Now lastly, every person is their own worst critic. Most people don't see themselves as others see them, they usually see worse. Self perception is very diverse among people. It's important not to compare to others, if you really think about it you cannot have what someone else has and vice versa. Staying positive about one's situation helps, opportunities could begin to open. Try seeing the real beauty instead of the superficial. 

Love yourself by doing something positive that you like, then you will exude positive vibes.

Defined Deeper Beauty

What is beauty? As Plato, a Greek Philosopher said “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, in order to observe and appreciate true beauty one must pay attention. Beauty is seen differently through eyes of humans. Unfortunately, society has subliminally convinced people that certain aspects are beautiful and others are not simply based on looks. Looks do not determine attractiveness and this is something one can only grasp if evolved enough beyond what they are familiar.  

This section of my site will show what I define as beauty which the more natural the better.  The world has become artificially oriented whereby the true natural beauty is gone, the way I see it beauty is psychology and forms in the mind based on what eyes see. 

A person who embraces true form in beauty understands its true appreciation and nature, not the artificial society generated stereotype.  

Human eyes see a myriad of projections and images, most of the time these are the attributes they think define beauty, unfortunately the eye needs much training before it can see true beauty art. 

To me the stranger the more interesting to learn and I like to absorb as much as possible. Humans are their own worst critics; they never see their true beauty, in their mind how others will perceive them will define if they are beautiful. 

It’s also beautiful not to have a definition of beauty really, just be true to yourself and appreciate yourself first by not always picking out negative aspects. 

Beauty can also be an action like putting an outfit together to achieve a specific look pair that with makeup and voila art has been created. 

As I go through life my perception of beauty changes and I adapt as much as possible to evolve not to conform. 

I have never fully grasped societies concept of beauty, the fact that certain attributes are viewed as bad or ugly and others are considered good is stupid to me. Why does a person get better service if they are prettier than another? Why can’t it be equal? What determines what is attractive? Today, everyone is attractive to someone and there should not be a stereotype, that if you don't fit certain criteria as society defines automatically you are unfavorable. 

Honestly, attraction is a projection our brain sends to the eyes, so we see an image and we react to it whether positively or negatively. 


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