Communicating with Female-LiveStreamers - SFW and NSFW - Do’s and don’ts

Communicating with Female-Live Streamers - SFW and NSFW - Do’s and don’ts


My name is Kissra and I work as an online virtual live streamer (I do not meet in person hence the term online virtual live streamer) on popular NSFW/SFW platforms. I am writing this article to quash numerous preconceived misconceptions about being an online live streamer that the users who come to my live stream have, and at the same time for those who wish to learn about the industry, what it entails if you decide to venture into it.

I will explain common misconceptions users have when they see a live streamer online, this applies to both SFW and NSFW. Also, the differences in the types of models, independent and call center/agency. 

This article will detail my personal experiences over the time that I have been an online streamer, the pros. cons, correct methods to approach a streamer whether on SFW or NSFW platform.  Also, I will share certain knowledge that I have gained about platforms which users were not aware of and will be quite astonished to know. 


Working as an online virtual streamer for quite a few years I have learned a great deal and decided to share my acquired knowledge in this article. Most users have a myriad of misconceptions about online streaming, for example which is the best platform to start NSFW or SFW, What to expect from users in terms of how to handle them when they first approach your stream. Also, models on platforms are all different in terms of content and services they offer, technical knowledge and access, platforms they choose to stream. In addition, what users are not aware of but will be quite surprised to discover about certain models.   



Models streaming on NSFW platforms are there solely for one reason, to make money and at the same time entertain the services they offer. They hear the same redundant talk each time they stream from users who enter their virtual room. Requesting a service and not tipping accordingly is simply looking like a cheapskate. If your intention is to browse and not tip, then refrain from asking for a specific request.

The NSFW platforms use a currency called tokens which is how models are tipped on the platform, generally on most platforms it's 5 cents per token. High rollers (users who tip $50 plus or 1000 plus tokens each time they are online) are the people who will receive the most attention from models. 

When you first approach a model, read her profile, bio, check her tip menu, see what services she is offering, then  ask yourself the question: what do you hope to gain from the model on the platform? If it is business then tip for the service, let her do it and move on. If you would like to extend slightly beyond the business aspect, tip generously and then proceed to start a conversation by complementing the model, genuinely be nice. Respect what she does and does not do. Within time an online friendship can begin. 

Refrain from being in any way negative toward the model this is a mood killer and unnecessary, remember she caters to many people each time she streams and deals with all sorts of mentalities.

There are two types of live streamer cam models: call center/agency and independent models.

Below I will explain the difference and perhaps this will clarify misconceptions users may have. 

Call center/Agency : The place where the model is broadcasting is in a room in her home dedicated for streaming, and has ALL the toys, lights and computer equipment needed; or a room in a call center building in her local town with lights, bed and all the sex toys given to her to use for her session. The model is young, thin and has an extremely superficial attitude and looks to match.  The services and prices are not determined by the model, how she acts and responds to users are all call center instructions delivered to her in real time via live-text-chat. The people who get noticed in this model's room are entirely up to the call center, they determine who is a high roller and who should be ignored.  They tell the model who to give attention to and who to ignore. They also decide her live streaming schedule. 

Call center models "appear" to have large numbers of “users” in her live stream, most of these “users” are accounts created on the platform the model is streaming from by the call center agents, this is called in the industry “bot” accounts they have no profile information, no avatar, none to low followers or any information that would indicate the account belongs to a human being, also newly created. 

Another surefire method to identify the call center/agency models is try to ask a question or start a subject that requires a back and forth conversation, an explanation to something; you will see that the answers will be one liners, rehearsed scripted type answers not a natural flow of words.

An example: can I get a discount on your panties if I buy more than one?

In terms of tips, the agency/call center model makes an average of 15 to 30 percent of the tips she gets on the platform; the rest are agency service fees. 

Independent Model: she is in her actual bedroom, which could be messy and she is not superficially perfect in appearance. If a user asks her if she has another outfit or toy, she will need to take a few minutes to find it in her closet. Her room does not have neon signs promoting her onlyfans, or another website with her content on it.  

Her viewers fluctuate, she determines her own prices, services and talks in a more natural flow, not rehearsed or scripted. These models look like the average girl one would see in public. Also, the tips she makes are hers entirely; there is no third party call center/agency taking fees from her earnings/tips for providing their services to the model. They will have OBS to use for streaming on the platform, her social media links displayed as an overlay if the platform permits it but it looks like a regular home not a dedicated room or studio.

Both types of models are there to make money, it's a business, and at the same time an online fantasy being played out which users need to understand and not get carried away. 

Independent models might cater to the lower tipping users by being nice, but still indicating clearly that she is not there for idle chat without tip, and if you request an act be prepared to tip accordingly.  In some rare cases, the model “could” accept a discount but it has to be reasonable i.e. video call snapchat/skype is generally 400 tokens ($20), 50% of that 200tok ($10) is reasonable, but not less. 

Here are things to avoid because you will be ignored or even banned as a spammer/freeloader:


  • Sending dick pictures in Private Messages(PM) thinking the model will look at them and give you a positive reaction for free or very little tokens. 

  • Turning on your cam and expecting the model to do a Cam to Cam for free or very little. 

  • Those who tip 1 token (5 cents) and expect a show this will not happen.

  • Typing in the chat or PM (without tipping the price in menu): “Hi Honey, are you wet? Do you wanna see my 9 inch cock? Or just saying “PM?” without tipping will either get you ignored, or the response will be tip. 

  • Asking for a service she clearly does not offer and then being rude about it makes you look like an idiot and will result in nothing positive.

  • Posting external links of other models, or photos of yourself as a way to get the model to notice you by hijacking the room, so she loses focus on her job is equally imprudent and idiotic since the result will be a ban. Users who do these tricks are in my view freeloaders, time wasters, they do not understand the fact that this is work not a free chat forum.

  • If you do tip for the PM, keep it brief (2min max) , discuss the service you want and then either do it or move on. Remember, this is not a means to chat for free or very little.  From my experience, most members like the PM feature so other users in the chat don’t see what is being discussed, just be reasonable. Best is to get to the point and accept the answer given to you. 

  • Avoid mind games and manipulative methods like promising high amounts of money just so you can chat, get the model to perform certain acts. You have to tip her menu prices before you ask for a request, if not move on.

  • Avoid “hey, hru, where are you from? How was your day? These are nothing more than generic phrased questions that lead nowhere. Just say “Hi, how long for a snapchat/skype video call? Can we do it for 10min? how much? "

  • Now, if you cannot pay the price for a service that is being offered, be prepared to get rejected if you attempt to bargain the price. Example: you want to do a snapchat or skype and the model's price is generally about $20 (400tok) if you want to bargain, go at least 50% of the price, and it helps if you tipped generously (25$ min) in previous times. If you ask for a price reduction for the very first time, and she rejects you, move on and accept it. 

Users need to understand fully that this is a fantasy, models are performing a service to cater to sexual desires and fantasies that they cannot get in real life, either they have no partner, or their mate is simply not interested in fulfilling their sexual needs and fetishes.

When you do tip the price for a service be aware that the model will do it the way she knows not catered specifically to you. Remember you can simply say “thank you” and move on to another model. Also, do not bad mouth the model on social media platforms, rate her bad on the platform where you tipped simply because the service was not what you expected. 

Just because you are a premium member does not mean that the model will answer your PM’s right away with the answer you want, or that she will even respond at all. Most models have a price for PM, pay it but do not abuse the amount of time of the PM, make it reasonable. 

Also when you do tip for a request do not criticize the model because you think she is performing the request in a manner that you were not expecting, she will do your request the way she knows how. If you are the type of person who watches mainstream porn and has certain expectations of how sexual acts should be done, you may be disappointed because mainstream porn is done by paid actors and it is fake and over hyped, unrealistic in comparison to the solo model in her room.

All this aside, over significant time repeat tipping a virtual friendship can develop with members who frequently tip a particular model, oftentimes she will remember them and that is cool also.

The only thing is not to overdo it and get carried away, by thinking alright she is my friend now I don’t have to tip as much or not at all. 

The best approach is to get straight to the point of what you want after reading the model's profile. You will get an idea of what she is like, what she is willing to do and not to do.

Always respect the models prices and don’t bargain the first time you approach her for a service as it's guaranteed she will decline, again the prices are set for a reason. Do not compare prices of models, all are different. 

The main goal is to keep things respectful and fun at the same time, not to have high expectations from the model. Don’t compare your experiences with other different models. We all are different in how we do things, our mentality.

Now, for those people who feel that the women who perform as cam girls/ streamers should go get a real job because they think or believe these women are being trafficked, forced to do sex work against their will simply because you saw them looking slightly tired, frustrated should crawl back under the rock you came from and stay there! We are NOT forced to do anything! We control the room, what we do and don’t do, how we do it, what hours we put in and so on. 

Conservative people have no place on any adult porn or live streaming website in my opinion, simply because they have predetermined ideas that conflict with NSFW performers/live streamers online.  My advice is for these people to use filters when you are online  then you will only see what you deem “proper” and righteous. 

Degrading is having to beg/plead with your boss/supervisor for permission and approval every time you need to take off from work because you have to do something that can only be done during business hours. This is forced because you have no choice, if you take off without permission you will be fired from your job. 

They do not know the performer on any level they just see them online live streaming, completely unaware of the streamer situation, they know NOTHING! 

If you are a person who believes in religion, doing the right thing, getting a job and getting married in the traditional sense by having children and so on, you should go live this life and leave others who see life very differently, and do not believe in your way of life alone!  Your opinion has no value so keep it to yourself. 

Being a virtual online streamer/content creator is quite rewarding since I am my own boss, make my own hours, and at the same time meet cool people online who appreciate my content and follow me on social media. It is a unique feeling when people from all over the world like the content you post. 

SFW Platforms

Safe for Work platforms include TikTok, Twitch, Youtube, Kick and now X (formerly Twitter) to name a few. Models/Streamers often play games on these lives as a way to promote their onlyfans, boost their social media follower base.

If you are on a SFW platform, read the profile of the model/live -streamer, most will indicate what can be discussed and what cannot. Avoid the following: sex, politics, racism or any form of promotion from outside streamers. What you should do on the SFW platforms with models is chat about anything, make jokes, talk about the game being played, and more.

Models/Live streamers get the chance to play games, talk to cool people, and at the same time boost followers, promote their website and at the same time make money. It is in no way degrading to live-stream, those who come preaching that models should go get a job need to boldly go where the sun don't shine, keep your opinions to yourself.

All live streamer models are primarily on the platform to make money, it is a business. Don't assume things based on a first visual of a model or how she should do her job. Also, decide what do you want out of the interaction with the model, one time service or a virtual online friendship where each time you see her she acknowledges and remembers you. Respect her rules and prices do not be an idiot. Also, keep any negative opinions you have about online streamers and models to yourself, they are not valued in anyway.


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