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Internet online Fame Stars

I am writing this article because I keep seeing certain people online have it easier to become known or famous specifically in certain genres?   Now, let's talk about what I will term internet stars who appear to be ordinary people living normal lives, but are  for the most part sponsored since they get high numbers of hits/ likes on social media without really trying.  I noticed this on various youtube and Instagram channels, where pictures are super perfect with amazing lighting, makeup and hair done mua style. At times they mention having financial hardships, depression, and that they are not paid for filming videos;  if this is true, how do they have the time and money to produce the high level content and generate money? Delving deeper into this subject questions that come to mind would be why was this person chosen to be internet famous? What did they have to offer that's unique to the advertisers or sponsors? How did this person get the sponsors to give them the merc