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DM on Social Media

I am writing this article to explain how I communicate with fans online as well as the difference between the real me and the “many” fantasy social media accounts I created as a way for me to explore my imagination/creativity “ online ”. Communication / DM’s I have two types of fans, paid and non paid members. For the paid members, it’s simple, there is a chat form in the members area for us to interact. The non-paid members I dedicated Twitter@DarkGothAngel for communication. If you don’t have a twitter account then just comment on any of my social media and the repeated nice comments or viable questions will be answered as soon as time permits. Keep in mind that I get hundreds of inquiries from all walks of life and it is physically impossible to respond to all. Paid members are different obviously. The real me and the Fantasy distinction! I have created a fantasy website which is pure fantasy and not the real me. These are things I try out, some I li