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Subscribers Content Preference

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Negative Reviews

This article is about writing consumer reviews, in particular negative reviews. Do you blame the particular store, where you received the bad service, or do you hold the entire chain responsible?  Every year I check my eyesight and change my glasses frames, so I decided to go to the same local optical frame store in my town that I used in the past and always had decent service. I was not aware that the entire staff had changed. The eye exam went well, the doctor who performed it was professional and patient, also my prescription actually improved.  I brought my own frame which I gave to the store so the lab can put in the new lenses with the new prescription. The clerk at the front desk told me that it will take about one to two weeks for the glasses to be ready, she seemed professional enough.  After two weeks, I phoned the store and was rudely told by a lady that seemed to want to brush me off rather than help, that the glasses are not ready and I need to wait an additional week. Thr

Content Classification

I am writing this article to detail my experience with Tumblr where I posted a photo shoot that, in my opinion, was artistic, personal self expression; which they seem to allow but was flagged to be in violation of their guidelines.  I would like to know if other creators are facing this dilemma of getting flagged and not knowing why?  Recently, I learned that Tumblr allows postings of mature themes, (nudity included) Click on image below to enlarge within the realm of personal, artistic self expression. I posted a few photos , labeled them “Mature” according to Tumblr policy, but my post still got flagged in violation of community guidelines. In addition, Tumblr did not mention which of my photos caused the violation.  After surfing Tumblr I did come across many creators whose posts clearly were sexual in nature, yet they are viewable to the public and not flagged.  It reinforces my belief that specific creators get preferential treatment and the community guidelines do not seem to ap