Negative Reviews

This article is about writing consumer reviews, in particular negative reviews. Do you blame the particular store, where you received the bad service, or do you hold the entire chain responsible? 

Every year I check my eyesight and change my glasses frames, so I decided to go to the same local optical frame store in my town that I used in the past and always had decent service. I was not aware that the entire staff had changed. The eye exam went well, the doctor who performed it was professional and patient, also my prescription actually improved. 

I brought my own frame which I gave to the store so the lab can put in the new lenses with the new prescription. The clerk at the front desk told me that it will take about one to two weeks for the glasses to be ready, she seemed professional enough. 

After two weeks, I phoned the store and was rudely told by a lady that seemed to want to brush me off rather than help, that the glasses are not ready and I need to wait an additional week. Three weeks passed, I called again and was rudely told by the same lady the glasses will arrive in two days.

Two days later, I called and the frames were ready(27 days later from the initial time I ordered the lenses). When I got there it was Friday.  

I got to the store, the rude lady was the only one at the store. I got my glasses and when I put them on they were crooked and needed adjusting.  I asked her to adjust the glasses so they sit straight on my face, she said she is unable to do that and the optometrist will be in the following week to come back then. 

As I wore my new glasses throughout the day, I noticed I saw sharper through the left lens than the right. In fact, on the right side, the image was slightly out of focus. 

I tested my old glasses and noticed that I see the same through both lenses. I will be going back to that place to get a final adjustment, at the same time check that the prescription is correct on the right side; after that it will be the last and final time I use this place. 

Honestly, I am quite disappointed in the service I received at this particular location. I understand that the staff changed, but the service is subpar at best. The lady that I dealt with on the phone in my opinion, does not like her job and was taking it out on customers. I read several reviews online expressing the same treatment I went through, and I am sure the negative reviews were referring to the same lady. 

I pose the question: should the blame fall on the specific store location I dealt with or the entire flagship-chain be also responsible for their franchisees?

To conclude, what would you do if you were in my position? Please vote below. I learn from your input which is highly appreciated. 


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