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My Current Kink Explorations

Mistress/Domination and Submission I am Mistress Kissra and you are slave to me. Your world is the floor where you belong on all fours, naked and waiting to serve and obey Mistress Kissra the way she demands.  Slaves are collared, caged or tied up to prevent any possible cumming without Mistress permission. You edge for Mistress and beg to cum, and most of the time you will be denied for Mistress Kissra's amusement.  Your ass will be offered to Mistress Kissra as her personal spank board, to be apple red and sore so slave cannot sit without wincing in pain.  Mistress Kissra is  VIRTUAL ONLINE ONLY!    Discreet and Private sessions available on SnapChat. Telegram and Skype.  All aspects of what you are willing to do to please mistress in terms of sexual acts MUST be discussed and agreed upon prior to the online session. All sessions are 45 minutes long maximum. You need to be comfortable being on cam speaking with me. (face can be covered, just ensure you can hear clearly). Here is