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My Current Kink Explorations

My Current Kink Explorations For those interested in the mistress/slave/dom/sub genre video sex chat please read the following carefully before approaching me with this idea. (very different and separate from normal video sex chat)! I am not a professional but I have seen enough to understand the idea behind mistress/slave/dom/sub. If you are looking for anything mainstream, I’m NOT the gal ;)  I am VIRTUAL ONLINE ONLY!   I will never do this with anyone in real life! This is a fantasy, a roleplay. All aspects of what you are willing to do to please mistress in terms of sexual acts MUST be discussed and agreed upon prior to the online session. All sessions are 45 minutes long maximum. You need to be comfortable being on cam speaking with me. (face can be covered, just ensure you can hear clearly). Here is a list of a few acts that subs/slaves have done during a session: (I will add more as I experience). cum denial cock tying for an extended period of time anal penetration and play m