Jobs Today Don’t Pay- My Personal Perspective

Introduction I wrote this article to illustrate my opinion that payroll jobs simply do not measure up to today's cost of living. The sacrifices a human being is forced to make, eating unhealthy, no life, sleep deprivation, no time to deal with important matters like landlord issues, banking, medical appointments all are backlogged. Jobs today are designed to keep the worker on the edge enough so he does not quit. However the slightest anomaly comes up unexpectedly the person is literally screwed into debt. This article will be about the simple fact that the job market has changed for the worse and it does not pay to work out there, the cost went up to the sky and the income remained the same or in some cases decreased.  I will only speak from my perspective and former experience in the job market which had very little positive and more negative. I worked many types of jobs, from customer service, administration and it was always the same pattern: exhaustion, no time, no life, just

Communicating with Female-LiveStreamers - SFW and NSFW - Do’s and don’ts

Communicating with Female-Live Streamers - SFW and NSFW - Do’s and don’ts Introduction: My name is Kissra and I work as an online virtual live streamer (I do not meet in person hence the term online virtual live streamer) on popular NSFW/SFW platforms. I am writing this article to quash numerous preconceived misconceptions about being an online live streamer that the users who come to my live stream have, and at the same time for those who wish to learn about the industry, what it entails if you decide to venture into it. I will explain common misconceptions users have when they see a live streamer online, this applies to both SFW and NSFW. Also, the differences in the types of models, independent and call center/agency.  This article will detail my personal experiences over the time that I have been an online streamer, the pros. cons, correct methods to approach a streamer whether on SFW or NSFW platform.  Also, I will share certain knowledge that I have gained about platforms which u


Image - About Note:  To comment or communicate about my personal website, please use the dedicated X post found below. Also feel free to comment on this blog as well. For comments please "Click Here" use this X post! Introduction: My name is Kissra, an average woman, Canadian born in Montreal on Dec-31 1975, of Polish descent. English is my primary language, I also speak French and Polish. I am a “virtual” adult model and I blog my personal life online on my website(s). The majority of my content is SFW (Safe For Work), blogs, podcasts and more. However, the smaller portion is NSFW (Not Safe For Work) in essence a mix of both. My boyfriend and I have been together since highschool, we are not married (see the "Gothic" menu option to learn about my philosophy). I do not do drugs, alcohol or smoke, I keep my body healthy. I am purely virtual, meaning I do not meet in real life nor do I have an open relationship. To understand how I thin