My Current Kink Explorations

My Current Kink Explorations For those interested in the mistress/slave/dom/sub genre video sex chat please read the following carefully before approaching me with this idea. (very different and separate from normal video sex chat)! I am not a professional but I have seen enough to understand the idea behind mistress/slave/dom/sub. If you are looking for anything mainstream, I’m NOT the gal ;)  I am VIRTUAL ONLINE ONLY!   I will never do this with anyone in real life! This is a fantasy, a roleplay. All aspects of what you are willing to do to please mistress in terms of sexual acts MUST be discussed and agreed upon prior to the online session. All sessions are 45 minutes long maximum. You need to be comfortable being on cam speaking with me. (face can be covered, just ensure you can hear clearly). Here is a list of a few acts that subs/slaves have done during a session: (I will add more as I experience). cum denial cock tying for an extended period of time anal penetration and play m

Subscribers Content Preference

I have decided to create a poll for all my fans who subscribe to me to determine the type of content they would like to see. The idea is I see which type of content has the most votes and I try to shoot it.  I have written categories that I am willing to do, most are quite standard and seen on my onlyfans. I will decide based on the outcome of the poll each week what I will shoot.  The idea behind this is to determine what type of content fans like to see and for me to experience new ideas. I have learned of various fetishes, likes that fans have spoken to me about and will try to incorporate them into my content.  One thing to keep in mind is that I am not mainstream, this content will be shot in an amateur, bitch next door type fashion. I will shoot the content to the best of my ability and with the props, lingerie that I have. The one thing I try to do is keep my content creative and different with each post.  I am eager to learn what my sweet pervs will choose!   Kissra 

Negative Reviews

This article is about writing consumer reviews, in particular negative reviews. Do you blame the particular store, where you received the bad service, or do you hold the entire chain responsible?  Every year I check my eyesight and change my glasses frames, so I decided to go to the same local optical frame store in my town that I used in the past and always had decent service. I was not aware that the entire staff had changed. The eye exam went well, the doctor who performed it was professional and patient, also my prescription actually improved.  I brought my own frame which I gave to the store so the lab can put in the new lenses with the new prescription. The clerk at the front desk told me that it will take about one to two weeks for the glasses to be ready, she seemed professional enough.  After two weeks, I phoned the store and was rudely told by a lady that seemed to want to brush me off rather than help, that the glasses are not ready and I need to wait an additional week. Thr

Content Classification

I am writing this article to detail my experience with Tumblr where I posted a photo shoot that, in my opinion, was artistic, personal self expression; which they seem to allow but was flagged to be in violation of their guidelines.  I would like to know if other creators are facing this dilemma of getting flagged and not knowing why?  Recently, I learned that Tumblr allows postings of mature themes, (nudity included) Click on image below to enlarge within the realm of personal, artistic self expression. I posted a few photos , labeled them “Mature” according to Tumblr policy, but my post still got flagged in violation of community guidelines. In addition, Tumblr did not mention which of my photos caused the violation.  After surfing Tumblr I did come across many creators whose posts clearly were sexual in nature, yet they are viewable to the public and not flagged.  It reinforces my belief that specific creators get preferential treatment and the community guidelines do not seem to ap

DM on Social Media

I am writing this article to explain how I communicate with fans online as well as the difference between the real me and the “many” fantasy social media accounts I created as a way for me to explore my imagination/creativity “ online ”. Communication / DM’s I have two types of fans, paid and non paid members. For the paid members, it’s simple, there is a chat form in the members area for us to interact. The non-paid members I dedicated Twitter@DarkGothAngel for communication. If you don’t have a twitter account then just comment on any of my social media and the repeated nice comments or viable questions will be answered as soon as time permits. Keep in mind that I get hundreds of inquiries from all walks of life and it is physically impossible to respond to all. Paid members are different obviously. The real me and the Fantasy distinction! I have created a fantasy website which is pure fantasy and not the real me. These are things I try out, some I li

Freedom: Speak or Silent

This article will focus mainly on how life changed towards a more censored environment where a person’s personal choice can be either viewed negatively or positively. Some people, it seems, are living in fear from others' ridicule about the choices they make, especially since today’s choices are tied into political views and opinions. This has to end, we are not living in old school communist eras. I will be sharing my opinion and giving examples about this, also what I think should be done.  When one defines freedom, in my definition it means having a choice in something, being able to make a decision and living with the outcome be it positive or negative. NO entity should dictate a person’s life the choices they make that are personal to them, be it their job, what type of lifestyle they choose to live and what choices they make in regards to current events.  In the past, if a woman dressed showing too much skin she was considered a hooker which by conservative standards was view

Life is About Living in Style

Lifestyle   Diving into a deep ocean when you don’t know how deep the waters are and you learn as you go no matter what you choose is the adventure of choosing a lifestyle.  Position yourself financially and mentally, remember hurdles will come some big some small the key is to stick with it and never quit and give up, that is the biggest sign of weakness  Hurdles can be others judging you by being intimidating or putting you down because they view your choices as low and demeaning, keep the discipline and drive to continue your choice of lifestyle and enjoy the fruits and regards at the end.   Being weak is being a follower instead of a doer and mistakenly believing in something you think is real but it is in fact fear generated or meant to herd you and eventually break you.  There will always be the popular, cool appearance online or in person no matter where or what, but when you stand out as unique you cannot be broken as your foundation is solid not fragile.  Goth Rebel is not “ I