Life is About Living in Style

Lifestyle   Diving into a deep ocean when you don’t know how deep the waters are and you learn as you go no matter what you choose is the adventure of choosing a lifestyle.  Position yourself financially and mentally, remember hurdles will come some big some small the key is to stick with it and never quit and give up, that is the biggest sign of weakness  Hurdles can be others judging you by being intimidating or putting you down because they view your choices as low and demeaning, keep the discipline and drive to continue your choice of lifestyle and enjoy the fruits and regards at the end.   Being weak is being a follower instead of a doer and mistakenly believing in something you think is real but it is in fact fear generated or meant to herd you and eventually break you.  There will always be the popular, cool appearance online or in person no matter where or what, but when you stand out as unique you cannot be broken as your foundation is solid not fragile.  Goth Rebel is not “ I

My Taste In Music

My Taste In Music  My taste in music is very diversified and not genre specified as most people's taste is usually.  Music has to speak to me in the sense that if I hear the melody of a song, something has to click to me, for this reason,  I have an eclectic selection of music in my playlist, I choose what to listen to based on my mood and the general atmosphere I am in at the time. Music is food for the soul that' s my overall take on the subject, to me it is not about who sings the song, how great they look and how much are they promoted, which in my opinion is mainly what drives people to like a particular genre. In the past, a singer or actor actually had to have real talent, they had to study and it was considered a skilled art. Over the years, it became gimmick inclined, overdone in the use of technology and specific looks to achieve perfection and a specific way of life.     Media is a powerful tool when it wants to push a certain culture, service product and generally

I'm Goth Because I Don't Follow

I'm Goth Because I Don't Follow Any genre that spawns must be followed or lived in a certain way, otherwise it is deemed wrong or not done right. People always have an opinion about a person’s lifestyle whether it conflicts with theirs or they deem as per the media mainly, that if you label yourself something there is a specific protocol to follow, and if you don’t you are not genuine especially when it comes to Goth.   Goth is a way of thinking not just a lifestyle or looking in a specific way, so when people see you they formulate a picture. I have developed my version of the lifestyle and combined it with a mentality and thinking which gives it the definition I want as well as the image I want to portray.   Goth for me does not mean depression, drugs, Satan worshiping, wearing black clothing, having pale skin and looking like a living corpse. Goth for me is thinking outside what society deems “the right thing to do” and what you are supposed to follow.  The media pushes spec

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will!

Intro Where does doubt come from? In the general sense of mind and thought. It's a feeling that nothing works out for a person and their life basically sucks the shit bag; no matter what they attempt to do. Often times erroneous comparisons are made with people they see in their life or online that achieved similar goals, but they feel they simply cannot measure up. They usually firmly believe and take to heart all the negativity from people around them. If you choose to pursue a goal and you end up facing obstacles self-doubt can manifest in your mind steering you away from achieving the intended goal. One must have incredible discipline and strong will to overcome obstacles. Live through the shit while you are on the way to the light. Reach greatness by not allowing the doubts to control your mind, perseverance is key to success. Doubt essentially can be a real dream crusher and goal killer. Now, one might attribute life situations as a deterrent to accomplishing goals. Also, the

Why I do what I do "Rebel"

Rebel Unique Goth Many people have posed the question to me about why I chose the gothic alternative, rebel lifestyle, what I define as doing things outside society's expectations. Growing up in my generation it was expected that one completes education, chooses a field of profession, marries,  buys a house, then family enters the picture. Most of the people I knew followed that path to some extent. I however, think that there were forces at play guiding me to where I am today since it seems that it was most difficult for me to end up in the traditional family unit.  Today,  way of life changed because of the internet and people became more in tuned with other options and possibilities to choose, life just took a 360 and changed. Many things that were taboo even to speak of in previous years are now socially acceptable, if I were to elaborate on this point, it's as if the  invention of the internet suddenly turned taboo into norm. Now, if the internet never materialized would l

The moon has acne scars and she's still beautiful

Be Beautiful And Love Yourself Beauty is only skin deep, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. As the sayings go, external attractiveness has little to do with overall quality. What may appeal to one person may not to another. Also, there is beauty in the imperfection, one just has to see it.  Most people see beauty in how attractive something or someone looks on the external surface. I believe there is more to the true definition of beauty than meets the eye.   People usually never see beauty for the multitude of perspectives it can offer. Even when one looks at objects displayed in a  store window, the more fancy the decoration the better. But what if the objects in the window are just placed in a random way, would it still have the same appeal? I think yes they would depends on the eye viewing it. If one thinks or pictures the moon, it has craters, in color really plain and ordinary if you really think about it. But if one delves deeper than the surface would there be a form of

Alternative Life

Alternative Life When one hears the word alternative one thinks weird, different not normal I believe these are societal words that were invented to keep a certain norm ongoing. I am noticing that many people today have opted for a more "outside the box of norm" way of life than ever, how internet and mind evolvement.  This article is my definition of alternative life and a general sense in how I am living it. It is an exploration of life and what it has to offer outside the norm of society and what you are supposed to follow when faced with certain situations. I decided to create my own and determine what is best for me and my soulmate.   This life for me matches the choices I made with my boyfriend of 25yrs, which was to position ourselves so we can live this life together as one. Having a one or soulmate, is important in both the long and short term of life, as life will throw you curveballs and as one you deal with them which forms integrity, truth and trust. This forms a