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Vancouver BC

Vancouver BC Trip My very first trip to the province and let me say quite an experience. After renting a car, we visited the port of Vancouver took a few pix, walked which was relaxing. After, we found a rather touristic area in downtown Vancouver, souvenir shops, cafes and bars. It was quite a beautiful walk on a typical hot summer day.  It seemed a lot of the places had a rugged appearance to them which was appealing. I also noticed it was quite different from the Eastern side of Canada since the roads were wider and it was much more mountainous. Rent is criminally expensive as well, all other things, like food, clothing are similar in price. Another thing that really stood out to me was the homeless population, which was  rampant. The streets full of tents set up everywhere on the east side, some people I saw were shooting drugs, this gave it a dangerous feel. It was quite a shocking site especially when we walked on foot fir the first time. We walked a great deal before deciding to

Genres Defined

Genres Today The purpose of this article is to show that just because a person wants to have a specific style does not mean he has to follow the media teachings of what that should be.  I am seeing more and more that there are star examples of what a person needs to look like to define themselves in a category.  Media has classified styles of clothing, behaviour, during the recent years Genre as defined by society : a category of artistic composition such as music, art. I will explain my point of view on how I define genre. It's really a choice of lifestyle that people choose to live and define themselves to those around them.  Genres today seem to be predefined by the media, unless you follow that portrayed image you cannot decide to be that. I say ridiculous! Why can't a person make their own definition of who they want to be? People ask: who are you? Answer: check out my social media, instead of let's sit talk about it. In the older generations social status and financia