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Goals or Fantasies

Unattainable goals/ dreams we all have them. We base these dreams on what our eyes see, from media to friends. Daily influences in life shape our reality. Of course there is the famous saying, " you always want what you can't have, or what someone else has". A person can have the fantasy of becoming a famous artist, they work away at it, sometimes it works other times their efforts are futile and lead to nothing. Its important to distinguish what is a realistic goal and one that is a dream. In order to achieve a balanced perspective in life, one has to accept the situation​, position they are in to be in the vicinity of happy. My philosophy is stop copying and start living. Realize what can be a hobby and what can be realistic. Trickery and deceit are everywhere one just has to read between the lines to see it. I've learned that nothing in this world is done today without a reason. Try to make the best of your situation and do the work that will put you on the ro