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I'm Goth Because I Don't Follow

I'm Goth Because I Don't Follow Any genre that spawns must be followed or lived in a certain way, otherwise it is deemed wrong or not done right. People always have an opinion about a person’s lifestyle whether it conflicts with theirs or they deem as per the media mainly, that if you label yourself something there is a specific protocol to follow, and if you don’t you are not genuine especially when it comes to Goth.   Goth is a way of thinking not just a lifestyle or looking in a specific way, so when people see you they formulate a picture. I have developed my version of the lifestyle and combined it with a mentality and thinking which gives it the definition I want as well as the image I want to portray.   Goth for me does not mean depression, drugs, Satan worshiping, wearing black clothing, having pale skin and looking like a living corpse. Goth for me is thinking outside what society deems “the right thing to do” and what you are supposed to follow.  The media pushes spec