I'm Goth Because I Don't Follow

I'm Goth Because I Don't Follow

Any genre that spawns must be followed or lived in a certain way, otherwise it is deemed wrong or not done right. People always have an opinion about a person’s lifestyle whether it conflicts with theirs or they deem as per the media mainly, that if you label yourself something there is a specific protocol to follow, and if you don’t you are not genuine especially when it comes to Goth.  

Goth is a way of thinking not just a lifestyle or looking in a specific way, so when people see you they formulate a picture. I have developed my version of the lifestyle and combined it with a mentality and thinking which gives it the definition I want as well as the image I want to portray.  

Goth for me does not mean depression, drugs, Satan worshiping, wearing black clothing, having pale skin and looking like a living corpse. Goth for me is thinking outside what society deems “the right thing to do” and what you are supposed to follow.  The media pushes specific behaviors and looks as their way of promoting Goth or alternative and I am choosing to veer from that by creating my own version. This allows me the freedom of choice to dress, speak and live the way I want without the permission of a third party.  

Goth for me is about positioning oneself in such a way, where certain society imposed values simply conflict, such as conservatism, family and children and religion. One must embrace what is outside the norm and live it to the fullest publicly. 

I have opinions about what I will refer to as the “hot topics” which are religion and politics. I never believed in religion as to me it is  simply a form of control by fear by a third party that follows fables. Now, those who believe in religion, whichever one it is, power to you, but be respectful enough not to influence others such as myself who think differently. 

As for politics, I do not follow any form of it. I  don’t care to know who is who and what party or group does what because from my experience in life whenever there was a conflict or protest over something that was being enforced, protesters never won, just a lot of noise was made.  

A very large part of my Goth lifestyle are my tattoos which to me have very deep meaning and are strategically placed on my body. I see them as art and freedom of expression in terms of way of thinking to the world. 

Social media to me is really part of an extension of my version of Goth which is on my personal website criesofthegoth.com which is the real me and this is reflected in my articles and photos on the site, as well as blogs I write. 

Darkgothangel is pure fantasy and shit I play out online that I am positioned to do since I don’t have children or family obligations, this was a choice I made since in my mind it is freedom of the mind and body in terms of sexuality and art. 

In conclusion, when you read my site keep an open mind, and remember I am not here to please, cater or kiss ass to anyone.  People can choose to agree or not with the stuff I post, but if you are the type of person that will start hating simply because you want to impose your ideologies on me in whatever way, move on and don’t come back. I do not have time to sit and debate with you. 



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