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Vancouver BC

Vancouver BC Trip My very first trip to the province and let me say quite an experience. After renting a car, we visited the port of Vancouver took a few pix, walked which was relaxing. After, we found a rather touristic area in downtown Vancouver, souvenir shops, cafes and bars. It was quite a beautiful walk on a typical hot summer day.  It seemed a lot of the places had a rugged appearance to them which was appealing. I also noticed it was quite different from the Eastern side of Canada since the roads were wider and it was much more mountainous. Rent is criminally expensive as well, all other things, like food, clothing are similar in price. Another thing that really stood out to me was the homeless population, which was  rampant. The streets full of tents set up everywhere on the east side, some people I saw were shooting drugs, this gave it a dangerous feel. It was quite a shocking site especially when we walked on foot fir the first time. We walked a great deal before deciding to

Genres Defined

Genres Today The purpose of this article is to show that just because a person wants to have a specific style does not mean he has to follow the media teachings of what that should be.  I am seeing more and more that there are star examples of what a person needs to look like to define themselves in a category.  Media has classified styles of clothing, behaviour, during the recent years Genre as defined by society : a category of artistic composition such as music, art. I will explain my point of view on how I define genre. It's really a choice of lifestyle that people choose to live and define themselves to those around them.  Genres today seem to be predefined by the media, unless you follow that portrayed image you cannot decide to be that. I say ridiculous! Why can't a person make their own definition of who they want to be? People ask: who are you? Answer: check out my social media, instead of let's sit talk about it. In the older generations social status and financia

Toronto Pride 2019

My first experience at such an amazing event. Soo many people of all walks of life. It started out when we were dispatched to the Mississauga terminal for our off time. Initially, we had no plans to do much during that time. But, a stroke of pure change of heart happened and we rented a car headed and  off to Toronto and the touristic Niagara. We drove past Niagara outlet mall and stopped as the beautiful design and architecture of the place drew our attention.  The shops are all in an outside atmosphere so its as if you are walking along a boardwalk of shops. Yes bought some great stuff. Next day was Toronto Pride Parade 2019 which we found out was going on upon arriving in downtown on our way  to Toronto Eaton's Center. After shopping until we dropped, walking for hours and miles, we decided to explore more of the city, and all the fun activities taking place. As we walked and took pictures there were more events, street parties with talented live performances with a young crowd

Calgary Trip

Core Mall in Calgary Alberta Trip As this was our first time really exploring the west side of Canada, I must say we loved it. Everything was unplanned and just happened by fluke, since we were only supposed to stay one day before leaving on our trip to California. We rented a car which was cool since we're most of the time in the truck and this time no restrictions to heights and roads. A  memorable time filled with fun, taking pix, lunch, and yes, shopping   We went  shopping at a place called Core Mall, it had stores that I never saw or shopped in before, going there and seeing people dressed up in style  reminded us both of montreal with the fashion, nightlife and great looking people. I got some awesome dresses, shorts, a frilly chiffon top for summer; which I am happy to say is around the corner. This will be sooo much easier to dress when it's warm. After seeing the West Calgary and the type of people there I must central Winnipeg is a lot less fashionable and more laid

Niagara Falls Ontario Trip

My Amazing time in Niagara Falls the last two days. We rented a car and this time they gave us an elegant and comfortable Mitsubishi Outlander SUV. Upon arriving at the terminal we parked the truck, showered then got the car and headed to Master steaks restaurant to eat. Afterwhich, we decide to drive to Niagara Falls for fun and sightseeing. I had decided that the weather was warm, and the idea of hip was in my head so I wore something summery. Well we rode the lift that takes you down towards the falls, took many pix. It started to become chilly and we headed to the Casino galleria and restaurants building where I ended up shopping and made out with an awesome long sleeved tummy baring top and a cool pair of pants. Many others I saw did the same. We got coffee at Tim's and headed back, only to return the next day for even more crazy fun. Here we were back again, this time we explored more in detail. Got super cool necklace and earrings at a welcoming souvenir shop and my bf picke

Joplin44 Truck Stop

Joplin 44 Missouri truck stop experience Well we managed to get our off duty  time at a truckstop exactly like the famous iowa80, it's Joplin 44. Owned by the same people the place had the style and layout. The only exception was the trucking museum of vintage trucks from decades past was missing. The food, souvenirs and service were top notch. It was just soo much fun.  I am happy we were able to make it there, even though it was by fluke. I posted a pic of the gothic style jewellery my bf bought me. I am planning to start a collection. I am now on the lookout for a gothic style jewellery box. If I get the chance pier 1 imports might have one, if not I shall continue the search as I travel. We are heading home after this trip, and the plan is to do some home cooking/shopping. All in all this was a fun night at Joplin44 a haven for truckers.

Barstow California

Our time in Barstow CA We picked this truck stop at random as we were making our way from San Diego,CA where we did our pick up to head back north to Canada. Originally,  we had planned to drive further and take our time off in Primm NV an awesome resort like exotic mini city; but Lady luck decided to point us a little closer. Upon arriving to Flying j Barstow CA we showered and had a delicious quiet dinner at IHOP. The next day, we hit the Outlets of Barstow and let me say made out like bandits. High end stores at discount prices a treat indeed. In addition we got great exercise and plenty of healthy fresh air. Food choices in abundance. The West always wins hands down when one talks scenery and exotic resort like areas.  This area is made for semi trucks to park, as they seemed to be rolling their way around the various restaurants on the main highway.  Weather-wise spring summer with just enough wind so you don't sweat. Trucking for us is an experience, something you need to liv

Life Outside the Box (Roadie)

Life can bring about changes unexpectedly. It seems as if nowadays it's happening faster than before. Throughout the past, people worked, shopped raised families and were able to make a decent leaving. Up to early 2000 and beyond life changed suddenly and two incomes were needed to pay basic bills, with some extra. Nowadays, two high professional level incomes are needed to get by. Technology played a huge role in this new wave life. One big change for me came when I became a permanent trucker roadie. My boyfriend of 25yrs decided to embark on a brand new lifestyle: long haul trucking. This opened an entirely new experience in our lives especially since we are literally on a weekly basis crossing borders and travelling across USA and Canada. You get a real birds eye view as how people live just next door. The learning curve was rather interesting since it was very new. Navigation skills, finding truck stops, trying to keep the cost down, also learning what  clothes and stuff to bri