Joplin44 Truck Stop

Joplin 44 Missouri truck stop experience

Well we managed to get our off duty  time at a truckstop exactly like the famous iowa80, it's Joplin 44. Owned by the same people the place had the style and layout. The only exception was the trucking museum of vintage trucks from decades past was missing. The food, souvenirs and service were top notch.

It was just soo much fun.  I am happy we were able to make it there, even though it was by fluke. I posted a pic of the gothic style jewellery my bf bought me. I am planning to start a collection. I am now on the lookout for a gothic style jewellery box. If I get the chance pier 1 imports might have one, if not I shall continue the search as I travel. We are heading home after this trip, and the plan is to do some home cooking/shopping.

All in all this was a fun night at Joplin44 a haven for truckers.


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