Jobs Today Don’t Pay- My Personal Perspective


I wrote this article to illustrate my opinion that payroll jobs simply do not measure up to today's cost of living. The sacrifices a human being is forced to make, eating unhealthy, no life, sleep deprivation, no time to deal with important matters like landlord issues, banking, medical appointments all are backlogged.

Jobs today are designed to keep the worker on the edge enough so he does not quit. However the slightest anomaly comes up unexpectedly the person is literally screwed into debt.

This article will be about the simple fact that the job market has changed for the worse and it does not pay to work out there, the cost went up to the sky and the income remained the same or in some cases decreased. 

I will only speak from my perspective and former experience in the job market which had very little positive and more negative. I worked many types of jobs, from customer service, administration and it was always the same pattern: exhaustion, no time, no life, just deadbeat working for pennies and putting up with illogical rules that make no sense, office politics and instability in the job, everyone is replaceable. Now that I was able to transition from working in the job market to having my own business working at home, I can discuss the differences from my perspective.  


This article is targeted to those who currently work in the job market, this will illustrate the difference between working in the job market and being an online live streamer/content creator working at home.  Also, the various issues that I feel people face on a daily basis have not changed much since I was working. I will draw a comparison between having my own business and illustrate the pros and cons. 


In today’s age, there has been an extremely large increase in live streaming and online content creation, in my view this is due to the fact that working in the job market simply is not the same as it once was just five years ago in terms of what a person really earns in the end after taxes. When compared to today’s living cost which has risen significantly, creative methods are being found to make money. Also, it is nice to see people across the world liking the content being posted.

The traditional old ideals of society, where having a salary job means you are respected, a hard working person, have evaporated due to more options being presented to people. Also, the stability of having one job for an extended period of time no longer exists due to technology and computers (automation) being able to replace most high even medicine.  

Menial/ blue collar jobs that require little to no experience are also dwindling for the sole reason that they are no longer required, automation can replace these as well, and for entry level positions requiring live humans age becomes a factor the younger and healthy the person the more they can work. 

The job market changed over quite some time to have major consequences on people’s health and time. It is designed so one cannot think what is the best choice to make in life, whether something major like financial decisions, or a trivial thing like what food to buy. Time has evaporated in the job market as well. The entire eight days in the week is literally used up, and not in a way chosen by the person working but by the employer and other third parties that tend to create needless extra work that takes longer than necessary. 

Government mandates such as COVID-vaccine, tax rules and other policies that are harsh, demanding and daunting to comply with mentally are also a stress added factor to the merciless job market. All the rules apply unanimously with all employers so one is left with no real choice: do as you are told or lose your shirt. 

Work schedules are not steady where one can plan a life outside of work, companies often ask people to work nights, weekends depending on shift needs, also work follows a person home in some cases this results in having NO LIFE! You become a robot that just follows a dead end daily routine and your life revolves around work. 

Health Consequences, when a person works over time exhaustion sets in physically and mentally so no time to choose proper food that is healthy. People just tend to select random quick items that will satisfy their hunger but not health. I will be discussing in another blog, the overwhelming amounts of unhealthy food and the hazards it imposes on people. 

Sleep deprivation is one result of this random schedule. Supervisors will be unsympathetic to the employee who complains about this type of work schedule, by saying “well, this is what the job requires, you can’t do it, someone else will” personal lives are of no concern to any supervisor if interfered with the job. 

The small amount of  free time is so short it passes in the blink of an eye and back to the drudgery of work. Even when you plan to have fun it does not always work the way you want.

Being an online content creator myself, I often get posed the question “why don’t you work at a normal job, it's more respectable, stop humiliating yourself” “McDonalds is hiring”  That statement makes me want to heave in a bucket! First, having a job or form of making money means you are supporting yourself and paying your own way, not dependent on a form of government aid or someone else helping you. It has NOTHING to do with being respectable. Here is what is humiliating, asking your boss for some time off because you have something important to do that can only be done during business hours, and your boss tells you now schedules have to be re-worked, others have to cover for you, you have to go begging another co-worker to switch shifts (not always so easy). This point illustrates the amount of dependencies that people end up having when they work in a job, any mishaps that happen even though it's not your fault, because another person was unreliable, or some event caused it, YOU the worker is the one who will take the fall. 


Working out there to me means you have surrendered yourself to the will of a boss/system of government to the fullest mandates and all,also you agreed to be paid working way more hours than what you are paid. You are given unfair options with regard to time management, free time, errand time and even sleeping and eating. So, if you have an alternative to making money that is feasible, do it. 

Now, after the COVID era, the job market became even more stressful in my opinion since savings for people is at an all time low, cost skyrocketed, and tolerance by supervisors is non- existent. Training when you are new, is right away “you got it or not”, pressure is high.  People started to realize that no matter what cuts in terms of costs  they attempt they still can’t make ends meet. 

In my opinion, having my own business as an online streamer/content creator and having to deal with the manageable stresses of this type of work is day and night compared to the job market which are never ending, not even close. 




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