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Freedom: Speak or Silent

This article will focus mainly on how life changed towards a more censored environment where a person’s personal choice can be either viewed negatively or positively. Some people, it seems, are living in fear from others' ridicule about the choices they make, especially since today’s choices are tied into political views and opinions. This has to end, we are not living in old school communist eras. I will be sharing my opinion and giving examples about this, also what I think should be done.  When one defines freedom, in my definition it means having a choice in something, being able to make a decision and living with the outcome be it positive or negative. NO entity should dictate a person’s life the choices they make that are personal to them, be it their job, what type of lifestyle they choose to live and what choices they make in regards to current events.  In the past, if a woman dressed showing too much skin she was considered a hooker which by conservative standards was view