Freedom: Speak or Silent

This article will focus mainly on how life changed towards a more censored environment where a person’s personal choice can be either viewed negatively or positively. Some people, it seems, are living in fear from others' ridicule about the choices they make, especially since today’s choices are tied into political views and opinions. This has to end, we are not living in old school communist eras. I will be sharing my opinion and giving examples about this, also what I think should be done. 

When one defines freedom, in my definition it means having a choice in something, being able to make a decision and living with the outcome be it positive or negative. NO entity should dictate a person’s life the choices they make that are personal to them, be it their job, what type of lifestyle they choose to live and what choices they make in regards to current events. 

In the past, if a woman dressed showing too much skin she was considered a hooker which by conservative standards was viewed negative, a woman wanting an abortion was thought to be killing a life; in some countries it is illegal to terminate a pregnancy unless there is no heartbeat, even if the mother’s health is at risk. It should be the woman’s choice to have the kid or not, her body her choice. NO entity should dictate a woman's right to choose how she dresses or lives her life. 

Now, the tone of hatred and negativity shifted to pro-vaccine or anti-vaccine. 

If a person chooses to get the vaccine, go do it, those who do not it’s their choice. Why do we have to disclose whether we took it or not? Why is it that the people who took it and disclose that they are vaccinated are viewed more positively than those who did not or do not want to disclose? Going outside a set narrative by society or an entity is like an invitation for hatred and segregation. People are so asleep and blinded that they never realized that slowly their rights and freedoms were fading away. Society uses emotion through social media influencers, celebrities to push their message. They system wants sheeple yes believers to just blindly accept the shit they put out not knowing its true agenda, hence the stupid intensify. 

I noticed on many social media that those who are vaccinated proudly display it like an endorsement of some kind, one person had “proud to be vaccinated”, their choice. I do not agree with this as in my opinion it looks like a commercial or sales pitch. 

Right now the freedom convoy (see article) in Ottawa Ontario is still ongoing, well into about two weeks; the protest is mainly aimed at ending these forced mandates that force children, and anyone in the job market to be fully vaccinated boosters and all. The protest goal in my opinion is freedom of choice regarding getting the vaccine, but also whether a person chooses to disclose their vaccination status.  

Views can be different from one person to the next but they should be defined by the person from within not by the media and society, it does not matter the issue, whether its the vaccine mandate, abortion rights, womans right to be a sex worker, LGBTQ rights, how a person should look and behave.  

I pose the question: what sparked people to base their opinions on what the media shows them? Why is it that a plus sized person is treated differently from someone who is not? Why do people base everything on looks? 

These are just some of the questions that have sparked my thinking to write this article. I am taking the stand that anyone at any age should be free to do as they please (stay within the law) and not feel pressured to disclose things about them that they might see as personal or private. 

Social Media has also become an opinion determinator for people, almost like a credit score. The issue when you post is that sometimes people get the wrong idea about you, they formulate a persona in their mind and get sadly disappointed when the real thing does not match what is in their mind. 

I have been fortunate enough to have my own site to explain and differentiate my real self from the person on social media. I believe it is important to define your views by making the personal choice to do so and not because society mainly the media forces you.

In the past, people based their opinions on what they actually saw people doing or rumors spread by friends, disgruntled family members or people who disagree with you due to their views. Society was by default conservative as there was really no real means to express who you were prior to meeting someone. People lived double lives in secret to enjoy who they truly were. Freedom was controlled just like it is today.  When you lie about who you are just to please others the truth will eventually come out in the worst possible way and time. 

I truly believe say the truth about who you are and what you think so you can express your viewpoints in your own way. 

Another aspect of stifling freedom is political correctness which only is a temporary measure to buy time or escape from a situation that is either embarrassing or one you want to avoid. Right now this applies to the question: “Are you vaxxed”? When one uses the political correctness method “I do not wish to disclose” automatically it's a no. Anytime a person does not answer directly and with confidence it is viewed negatively on the subconscious. 

Tolerance and acceptance of different viewpoints is the key to freedom of being who you truly want to be. The internet has opened up a few venues which show different perspectives, but it is being controlled and dictated by the same type of society that aims to push a specific way of life on people, putting them to sleep with blinders on to become “yes sheeple”. 




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