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My Taste In Music

My Taste In Music  My taste in music is very diversified and not genre specified as most people's taste is usually.  Music has to speak to me in the sense that if I hear the melody of a song, something has to click to me, for this reason,  I have an eclectic selection of music in my playlist, I choose what to listen to based on my mood and the general atmosphere I am in at the time. Music is food for the soul that' s my overall take on the subject, to me it is not about who sings the song, how great they look and how much are they promoted, which in my opinion is mainly what drives people to like a particular genre. In the past, a singer or actor actually had to have real talent, they had to study and it was considered a skilled art. Over the years, it became gimmick inclined, overdone in the use of technology and specific looks to achieve perfection and a specific way of life.     Media is a powerful tool when it wants to push a certain culture, service product and generally