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Trucking Life Memories

Trucking Life Memories (Episode 1)    For the past four years I was quite complacent and comfortable living the trucker road life experiencing life as if home was a temporary hotel. All of a sudden things changed without warning when the covid-19 pandemic started in March 2020 and I was unable to continue being on the road and my boyfriend had to do the job by himself because the US/Canada border closed for what is deemed non-essential travel. My boyfriend who drives a semi is considered essential as he is part of the workforce hauling essential products to keep the economy moving.  I pose the question: has anyone, including myself, ever stopped to think what life would be like after this pandemic is over? Will life return to the normal we all once knew, the time when life was lived by planning and not thinking that those plans might get interrupted to such a point where it’s life altering and you face great uncertainty?  I used to be on the road trucking with my boyfriend of 27 years