Niagara Falls Ontario Trip

My Amazing time in Niagara Falls the last two days.

We rented a car and this time they gave us an elegant and comfortable Mitsubishi Outlander SUV.

Upon arriving at the terminal we parked the truck, showered then got the car and headed to Master steaks restaurant to eat. Afterwhich, we decide to drive to Niagara Falls for fun and sightseeing. I had decided that the weather was warm, and the idea of hip was in my head so I wore something summery. Well we rode the lift that takes you down towards the falls, took many pix. It started to become chilly and we headed to the Casino galleria and restaurants building where I ended up shopping and made out with an awesome long sleeved tummy baring top and a cool pair of pants.

Many others I saw did the same.
We got coffee at Tim's and headed back, only to return the next day for even more crazy fun.

Here we were back again, this time we explored more in detail. Got super cool necklace and earrings at a welcoming souvenir shop and my bf picked out a bracelet for himself.

We later went to the main area where all the attractions are located. Clifton Hill where Ripley's Believe it or Not Oddities, which was quite a unique experience the Skywheel, Skylon Observation deck, the moving theater super fun.  We took pix and videos posted on my website and tumblr.

Truly a fantastic experience and one I hope to soon repeat. Next visit maybe we'll try some of the night clubs and restaurants. 


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