Calgary Trip

Core Mall in Calgary Alberta Trip

As this was our first time really exploring the west side of Canada, I must say we loved it. Everything was unplanned and just happened by fluke, since we were only supposed to stay one day before leaving on our trip to California.

We rented a car which was cool since we're most of the time in the truck and this time no restrictions to heights and roads.

A  memorable time filled with fun, taking pix, lunch, and yes, shopping   We went  shopping at a place called Core Mall, it had stores that I never saw or shopped in before, going there and seeing people dressed up in style  reminded us both of montreal with the fashion, nightlife and great looking people. I got some awesome dresses, shorts, a frilly chiffon top for summer; which I am happy to say is around the corner. This will be sooo much easier to dress when it's warm.

After seeing the West Calgary and the type of people there I must central Winnipeg is a lot less fashionable and more laid back.

To experience how people are in various places and just catch a glimpse into what life is like truly rare chance.
We saw all walks of life this time around.

I noticed people actually buy here, crowds and lineups in shops were everywhere, even though it was good Friday/Easter weekend.

Crossiron Mall Calgary Alberta

Today was amazing and carefree beautiful. We rented a car and went to this mall that believe it or not a really cool cab driver told us about the last time we were here. on the way back from the rental agency, that same driver picked us up again ro take us back to the terminal where the truck is parked. So, we get there and eat at this Mediterranean place, I ate vegan which is great for my new body look I am  trying to achieve. I got soo much loot that it's hard to decide what to keep here and what to bring home. My bf even got a motorbike helmet.

There was also a Tesla car display in the mall as well, lots of people gathered to see it, we talked to one of the reps who mentioned you can test drive one, so my bf filled out a form so if we are in Calgary maybe we can go.

I must say trucking really lets you experience
cities as if you live there, you get to know them so intimately that in our case even more than our own home town.


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