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Genres Today

The purpose of this article is to show that just because a person wants to have a specific style does not mean he has to follow the media teachings of what that should be. 

I am seeing more and more that there are star examples of what a person needs to look like to define themselves in a category. 

Media has classified styles of clothing, behaviour, during the recent years

Genre as defined by society : a category of artistic composition such as music, art. I will explain my point of view on how I define genre. It's really a choice of lifestyle that people choose to live and define themselves to those around them. 

Genres today seem to be predefined by the media, unless you follow that portrayed image you cannot decide to be that. I say ridiculous! Why can't a person make their own definition of who they want to be? People ask: who are you? Answer: check out my social media, instead of let's sit talk about it.

In the older generations social status and financial position were clear indications to define a person. It was merely based on the education an available and money, family influence in some instances.

Social status being: job you have, or what are you studying to become. So if you had the grades, the intended goal is more realistically achieved.

Today, people create personas online which can make them appear to be almost anything or anyone. 

Why does the internet/ social media define who you are? Simple, we are in the age of technology,apps, share with all, and if you want any information on any subject just google. 

Amazing how you can actually blog your life online to people living on the other side of the world. This creates followers and traffic. Genres and lifestyles are formed.

Internet/social media was born at rapid speed to the point where older generations started to see it as normal, even though during their time it did not exist; Minds just processed this once then as time progressed, the use of it became second nature.

Are genres created for people to follow or to become, is my question? How do you know what really appeals to you? Visuals and expert presentation are major factors. Let's face it if the image is not appealing, its swipe left.

Celebrity promotions can base a genre, in terms of  lifestyle, trends are set by the media. Well, amateur oriented media is starting to change this cycle because people want to relate to those who are like them. Majority knows that the media is not what it seems just the opposite actually, so people are no longer fooled.

When seeing someone online it doesn't mean that is who they are in real life. The distinction is not always apparent to viewers. Actually, people truly believe that what they see is real and true to life, thus they have successfully fooled the naive audience. 

I think the internet created many venues for personal self expression, such as social media which became the billboard to the creation of online personas.  People choose their lifestyle based on what they perceive to be what they want. They don't always look at the long term bigger picture, only the positive and obvious plus sides are obvious. The negative aspect gets faded away.

In conclusion, one can choose their genre or who the person they want to be from within themselves, and analysing events, persons around them.


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