Vancouver BC

Vancouver BC Trip

My very first trip to the province and let me say quite an experience. After renting a car, we visited the port of Vancouver took a few pix, walked which was relaxing. After, we found a rather touristic area in downtown Vancouver, souvenir shops, cafes and bars. It was quite a beautiful walk on a typical hot summer day. 

It seemed a lot of the places had a rugged appearance to them which was appealing. I also noticed it was quite different from the Eastern side of Canada since the roads were wider and it was much more mountainous. Rent is criminally expensive as well, all other things, like food, clothing are similar in price.

Another thing that really stood out to me was the homeless population, which was  rampant. The streets full of tents set up everywhere on the east side, some people I saw were shooting drugs, this gave it a dangerous feel. It was quite a shocking site especially when we walked on foot fir the first time.

We walked a great deal before deciding to get something to eat. Unfortunately, we didn't really trust the places around that area, so we headed off to Boston Pizza located in Coquitlam BC. There I had a dish called vegan power bowl delicious if you like tempeh. My boyfriend had pasta. 

On the road, both of us try and eat as healthy as possible. I try and avoid meat at all costs, as its all processed and packed with hormones and antibiotics. 

I think this was a unique experience which I hope to repeat soon. If I were to choose a preferable place it would be Calgary Alberta, I had the most fun there.

I must say trucking gave me a birds eye view of how it is to live in the different provinces. The only unexplored territory left are the maritimes. 


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