Toronto Pride 2019

My first experience at such an amazing event. Soo many people of all walks of life.

It started out when we were dispatched to the Mississauga terminal for our off time. Initially, we had no plans to do much during that time. But, a stroke of pure change of heart happened and we rented a car headed and  off to Toronto and the touristic Niagara. We drove past Niagara outlet mall and stopped as the beautiful design and architecture of the place drew our attention.  The shops are all in an outside atmosphere so its as if you are walking along a boardwalk of shops. Yes bought some great stuff.

Next day was Toronto Pride Parade 2019 which we found out was going on upon arriving in downtown on our way  to Toronto Eaton's Center. After shopping until we dropped, walking for hours and miles, we decided to explore more of the city, and all the fun activities taking place. As we walked and took pictures there were more events, street parties with talented live performances with a young crowd that were living life to the fullest in terms of fun, and being their true selves.

The motto of the parade and place was Be You, Be Proud at least for me. Its being yourself and not hiding it, because of societies imposed preposterous rules of conduct.  Society is changing and people of all types are intermixing in some manner. This trip really demonstrated to me that it's not who you are, how you look or what you do that matters, its being your true self. People affected by societies rules generally will be opposed to " being yourself, and proudly showing it". 

I even bought a small crown of roses with lights that I wore throughout the night. Later, they had stands selling rings and other neat stuff, so we bought rings and engraved our names on them.

The best part of my time was seeing for the first time, that the people around us were truly being themselves not posers. It feels very special to have had the chance to be part of such an extraordinary event.

I hope I get to enjoy a similar event again soon.The videos and pictures we took are priceless.  Definitely the best time off. I hope to repeat it real soon.


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