Life Outside the Box (Roadie)

Life can bring about changes unexpectedly. It seems as if nowadays it's happening faster than before. Throughout the past, people worked, shopped raised families and were able to make a decent leaving. Up to early 2000 and beyond life changed suddenly and two incomes were needed to pay basic bills, with some extra. Nowadays, two high professional level incomes are needed to get by. Technology played a huge role in this new wave life.

One big change for me came when I became a permanent trucker roadie. My boyfriend of 25yrs decided to embark on a brand new lifestyle: long haul trucking.

This opened an entirely new experience in our lives especially since we are literally on a weekly basis crossing borders and travelling across USA and Canada. You get a real birds eye view as how people live just next door.

The learning curve was rather interesting since it was very new. Navigation skills, finding truck stops, trying to keep the cost down, also learning what  clothes and stuff to bring was a bit of a challenge.

Through this blog I intend to provide a true perspective of life on the road as a passenger, using photos and articles.

This experience has taught me a great deal about the transportation industry. First, all products come by semi trucks; including food, to all items one finds on any store shelf. I also learned how products are handled and the delivery process.

Not being able to come home every night and sleeping in a bunk in a truck, waking up at all sorts if hours was also an adjustment. Especially for me since night driving tires me out.

My time in the truck during those long drives opened an opportunity for me to start writing and documenting my personal experiences; through personal blogs and articles as well journals.

One might pose the question why did we embark on this unique journey in life? Well because we want to live life for what we can make it to be not what society or the norm says it should be. Media and family these days has a great influence on people's lives, we chose to let all that go and escape those restrictions.

Of course most people would have a hard time understanding our life choices but I say it's not for them, but for my boyfriend my one and I. This is what I call living an alternative lifestyle, not following the expected. The old saying “live life to the fullest” yes I believe we are doing just that but our way.

I wonder if trends are starting that people are not just living daily 9 to 5, but actually choosing more modern prone ways of life. Perhaps my boyfriend and I are on the frontiers of this new age life. We are familiar with the baby boomer and today's tech inclined age. It's being played out quite interestingly.


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