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I am writing this article to detail my experience with Tumblr where I posted a photo shoot that, in my opinion, was artistic, personal self expression; which they seem to allow but was flagged to be in violation of their guidelines. 

I would like to know if other creators are facing this dilemma of getting flagged and not knowing why? 

Recently, I learned that Tumblr allows postings of mature themes, (nudity included)

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within the realm of personal, artistic self expression. I posted a few photos, labeled them “Mature” according to Tumblr policy, but my post still got flagged in violation of community guidelines. In addition, Tumblr did not mention which of my photos caused the violation. 

After surfing Tumblr I did come across many creators whose posts clearly were sexual in nature, yet they are viewable to the public and not flagged. It reinforces my belief that specific creators get preferential treatment and the community guidelines do not seem to apply to them. 

What is the point of saying you allow mature themes (no porn) in the form of personal, artistic expression when it is selective. I decided to share my experience by way of a vote/poll (please vote below) where different people, various demographics can let me know what they think; perhaps I’m overlooking something.

How many other creators like myself are facing this challenge? Do you continue to post on the platform or do you leave it and move on? 

I think all platforms/ social media should be very clear which “specific” media violated their community guidelines. At the same time, the rules should apply to ALL creators equally! 

In conclusion, I would like to hear what the public thinks about this, perhaps I can learn something new. Also, if I am missing something let me know your thoughts in the comments. 


  1. I voted: The post is not safe for work (contains nudity) but NOT sexually explicit material.


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