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I have decided to write this article as a way of describing how things have changed since just a few years back when the internet was not a major influence in society and lives did not depend on it as much. People actually were smarter when the internet/social media was less used especially when opinions come into play. The majority of people use social media for everything from work to talking to family and friends as a result they rarely see one another face to face in person.  

This article will be about how one is profiled by social media, and that most audiences believe in blind faith that what is written about a person without actually knowing them. 

Also, how times have evolved since social media and the internet became an integral part of human social life, even when it comes to employment opportunities in today's new age. Online presence content has become something similar to a credit score. 

This article will also describe how It seems as if the young generation’s life is mainly geared online to the point where one's entire personality is analyzed by the world in both negative and positive ways.  

People online are genuinely concerned with how others view them by their postings; so often when you post you have to be cryptic and vague just so viewers sit and guess what you are actually saying, I find this ridiculous.  

Opinions are everywhere and the red carpet for drama is rolled out for all to throw their two cents.  Even if a person is nothing like their online  preformed “persona” it is presumed otherwise and becomes a shocker when the true persona is revealed, I learned that people are nothing like their online personas in real life and most of their high likes and hits are inflated for promotional purposes. 

It’s interesting how people mistake fiction for truth this creates “ stupid ignorance”.  The idea is online readers and users will profile and formulate ideas and opinions about a person simply by reading comments, blogs and various postings online.  Now, whether these postings are written by the actual person or not is the key, this is unknown. Most people post what they think will make audiences engage or interact, and  not a reflection of their true self. 

Furthermore, most postings are also a form of publicity to generate hits and raise numbers.

Postings by someone on any given platform, how they tag their posts also determine the popularity of the person. 

Traffic numbers are the main and often misleading factor to determine internet social status. Often these numbers can be inflated to make it appear a person has high numbers of users, this is done so certain people can be portrayed as influencers.  In essence, online on any social media platform can make a person a million dollar star or average.

My view, get ideas from people online and try making up your own, that is unique.  Keep in mind to use resources available to you and still you can come up with cool stuff and get genuine traffic from people who will appreciate the work you do.

One should always try and be open to hearing new ideas and visions, as time evolves perspectives change and adaptation is key to progress. Always try and seek the platforms that are most suited to your needs and use those to develop your style of posting.

Always remember to ignore gossip and negativity which might look like a large presence online but, it's just focused and outlined the most it does not outweigh the positive, which people tend to ignore.  Remember, negativity is mainly from those who are jealous of the content being posted as they view it to be “cooler” than theirs or they are simply trolls. 

Lifestyle is an integral part of “coolness”  for some people and when they see others having a better one than theirs they troll by posting negative comments, disliking.   

Expressing opinion and views on online platforms is rampant today, even encouraged  especially when it comes to controversial subjects like politics, sex, current events happening in the world and the online world indirectly forces people to take a side which most often results in conflicts if one does not choose the more favorable side.  

I believe in non-participation and non conformity when it comes to these matters. I post what I want and ensure to remain within the law, and I have fun with it. People do not have to like my postings but, I focus on the positive and the fans who are genuine to me. 

There also seems to be a competition for who has the most followers and hits on social media platforms and people try to outdo each other in posting content. 


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