Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will!


Where does doubt come from? In the general sense of mind and thought. It's a feeling that nothing works out for a person and their life basically sucks the shit bag; no matter what they attempt to do. Often times erroneous comparisons are made with people they see in their life or online that achieved similar goals, but they feel they simply cannot measure up. They usually firmly believe and take to heart all the negativity from people around them. If you choose to pursue a goal and you end up facing obstacles self-doubt can manifest in your mind steering you away from achieving the intended goal. One must have incredible discipline and strong will to overcome obstacles. Live through the shit while you are on the way to the light. Reach greatness by not allowing the doubts to control your mind, perseverance is key to success.

Doubt essentially can be a real dream crusher and goal killer. Now, one might attribute life situations as a deterrent to accomplishing goals. Also, the thoughts develop in the mind, like “ oh, that's impossible I can't do it”. Keep in mind the achievement of making plausible dreams that more or less fit with one's cards of life a reality. Self doubt can be perceived as an excuse to remain in the rut or routine created by the individual, halting their progress in life.

Also, doubt should not be confused with failure the two are very dissimilar. Failure is generally attempting to do something new or even familiar but, never achieving the desired or correct result, due to distractions or not having the right tools and knowledge. Doubt is a manifested thought that enters the mind due to an obstacle or event, or even discouragement from peers and family which makes the person believe they are incapable of pursuing the task or goal, when in fact they are perfectly capable they just need time and perhaps a different method of pursuit.  

One must understand few basic facts: doubt will only become real if one projects and truly believes in it. Ultimately, it will lead to one's own demise or failure. Remember, self doubt is nothing more than a belief that forms in the mind. It can only turn real if one focuses their energy. Focus on a plausible idea make it a goal and pursue to the end without letting doubt take control and you end up losing out.

I have chosen to add some information below about me to eliminate assumptions about me and to answer questions about topics that frequently come up about issues like politics, religion.

Rebel The Real Me:

I am writing this because I decided to express what I think of certain issues like religion, politics in order to avoid people asking me what I think or what I believe, and make false assumptions about me based on what they see online on social media.  Also, to address why  I chose the lifestyle in the way that I did and what led me to it. 



Many times I have been asked about my religious views, like what are my religious beliefs and do I practice and my response to that is we are humans living on planet earth in the age of technology that is evolving rapidly, so we should all learn to accept that there are people who think different and live life without influencing others. 

Religion always revolves around life and issues that happen in the world, well in my opinion when this happens it causes more problems than it solves. People should have the right to believe, practice and live life in any way they wish without fear of reprisals, provided they don’t influence or harm others. Society defined freedom to mean: “as long as you don’t offend certain people, then it’s fine, say and do what you want; I think this is hypocritical, freedom should not exist within boundaries set by specific entities, this applies to the words “freedom of speech” or “freedom of expression” . One should be free to express an opinion without harming others.

Now regarding religion which in my opinion really is just a collection of made up unverifiable fables and exaggerated bullshit claims passed on through centuries to people making them live in fear that if they don’t follow its preaching they will suffer eternal consequences, but, they are loved. This is not plausible to me and is just a prohibitive of living a life one really wants, I choose to shed that.

People are free to practice and believe in religion, but they should keep it to themselves not influence or insult others who may not share their views or who live lifestyles that conflict with their views.   


I do not participate in anything politically related since I believe there is an elite influential group of people who control the world and how it runs on a global level, the media is a tool designed to create debates and provide statistics to these elites as to how the general populace thinks and reacts to situations they face. We are all humans regardless of race, color, background living together on planet earth. Life is too short to worry about politics and who said what, and lets build a better future by voting for this person or party. My future and present is the life I am living and the choices I make with the person who is most important to me, my boyfriend which will determine events in our life not figureheads spewing media jargon that means nothing.


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