Personal and Fantasy website Distinction

This blog is intended for those who read my sites and peruse my social media, to understand and make the distinction between my personal website and my played out online fantasy site

I will begin by discussing my personal site which will describe my interests, hobbies and more of my personal characteristics. These will include my fashion choices, music tastes, makeup looks,  recipes, books I read and review plus other venues I will choose to explore.

Nothing on this site will be sexual in nature.  I have decided to separate the online fantasies being played out and my true self. Hence, if you happen to see my content online that is sexual, do not assume that you can automatically contact me on my personal site to send me pictures of your junk, or messages to meet or anything sexual in nature; I have aggressive spam filters  in place so you will be wasting time.  Now, for those who only want to talk sexual is the site for you, please read carefully!

In plain English, if you never met me in real life, DO NOT contact me from Instead, go to, verify yourself and contact me from there.

The contact page on is for people I know personally and have met in real life, not online fans. Please do not use this as a means of communication if you are an online fan. The one thing I dislike the most is when online fans who I do appreciate, but are still anonymous strangers to me, think in their mind that whatever venue available is a means of contact, and  they automatically can use that venue to talk sexual to me, or speak to me on some personal level without actually knowing me. In essence, online fans are not the same as people I have met personally at work or on an outing in my town for example.

I believe there is a strong misconception about online models who happen to post sexual content; which is that all they are is just sexual beings who eat, sleep and breathe nothing but sex; and they have no other things in their life. Hence the reason for some online fans to send pictures of their junk as a start up line in conversation. Not cool!

I think this post should explain things to everyone out there about why I separated my sites and how I communicate with people.

When I say that I don’t talk to online people it’s because there are a lot of creeps out there pretending to be someone or something they are not. Also the amount of DM’s  I get I will never have a life if I sit and try to respond to every one. The internet created phantoms behind computers and that can be scary, or at times frustrating because all some guys want to do is show me their junk, FYI, women are not interested in that shit!. My social media is really where people can leave comments, messages and at my leisure I will see them. 

I could make an exception if you become verified, but this comes with time and proof that the person is not a moron who wants to show his junk; or have a preconceived conception of me based on social media and that is totally not the true me. 


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