PodCast# 15: Gifts PodCast

Over the years that I have been a content creator, fans have showed their appreciation by purchasing gifts for me from my wish list on Amazon. I decided that to extend my thanks to them I decided to write a blog and record videos/podcast to thank and describe the gifts I receive. In this blog, I will give a brief description of the item and some details about the person who got it for me. 

I record an unboxing video show and describe the item,  if the fan wants a shout out,  give me a handle name, anonymous is fine as well. 

My fans can choose gifts from my Amazon wish list, all gifts big and small are loved and enjoyed. I believe it gives a nice boost of joy to receive a gift from a fan, as it shows they are more than just a numbered fan, they are friends. Its nice to be seen as more than a random content creator online and I fans feel more personal than just numbers.  

The stuff I choose on my wish list are things I can use on a daily basis, at home, when I go out night or day. I feel these type of choices last longer and have more of a profound meaning than an item that is limited to specific use. When I wear/use the gifts it always comes to my mind the person who bought it, when they bought it it, so in a way it's unique to them.  

The gifts I received so far: two pendant necklaces one is an tiger eye heart, the other a silver and tiger eye sun shape, a large retro style tiger eye ring and a gothic style black skull handbag. 


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