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My name is Kissra, an average woman, Canadian born, Dec-31 1975, of Polish descent. English is my primary language, I also speak French and Polish. 

I am a “virtual” adult model and I blog my personal life online on my website(s). The majority of my content is SFW (Safe For Work), blogs, podcasts and more. However, the smaller portion is NSFW (Not Safe For Work) in essence a mix of both.

My boyfriend and I have been together since high school, we are not married (see the "Gothic" menu option on to learn about my philosophy). I do not do drugs, alcohol or smoke, I keep my body healthy. I am purely virtual, meaning I do not meet in real life nor do I have an open relationship.

I decided to define myself using my personal website, it will branch people where their interests lie as it has many venues. 

I broke-down my website into 5 main segments, listed on top, that encompass my identity/personality (who I am). 

About - In depth about my life, the choices I made and will be making in future.

Gothic - This is my life philosophy, it determines the choices I make in life. (All my choices depicted in the About me section is based on my philosophy that I describe in the Gothic section).

Gallery - Media depicting the “real” me and how I am in real life. (People tend to make false assumptions based on fantasy posts, on social media, and think it’s real when it’s not. The Gallery section shows the “real” me.)

Contact Me - All my SFW social media and the venues to contact me. (For the NSFW social media, go to Whooty).

WiiR1 - An index of all my sister websites and businesses

Other segments on my personal website listed on the right side will show my past and present activity and all the things I get into.

Lastly, I have two paid venues:

  • The Coven - The real me behind the scenes
  • The Dang - All fantasy porn (NSFW)

For details about the Coven and Dang, visit the sites.


Kissra is the name I chose for myself which represents my identity and is not part of society’s indoctrination; it's a symbol of my mentality and my perspective of the world. My legal given name is Barbara.  

I decided to define myself using my personal website, it will branch people where their interests lie as it has many venues. I am an online content creator both in the Virtual Online adult industry which is the smaller portion of my work, and my normal everyday life in which I blog in articles, podcasts, and my website(s). I encompass the best of both worlds. 

My boyfriend and I have been together since high school, we are not married, nor do we do drugs, alcohol or smoke, both of us are healthy. Our relationship is not open, we do not swing. All my content is done with my boyfriend only or solo.

I divided my website into five main segments listed on top as menu items, that encompass my identity/personality (who I am). Read below: 

About - In depth about my life, the choices I made and will be making in future. 

Me and my guy decided to embark on our own life journey because we realized, as long as we keep a connection to society’s-dictates such as family, children, religion…etc, our future will never be our own. Therefore, we moved on and never looked back. For the intricate details, read the About menu item on the top of my personal website

Gothic- In this section, I explain my life philosophy in great depth. It is not common to find a person whose life is not based on society’s dictates. I rebelled against such a mentality and chose my own path without fear of people's judgment. I do what feels right to me and I keep in mind to be respectful to those around me. If you would like to learn about my life philosophy and what possessed me to it, I encourage you to visit the Gothic menu item on the top of my personal website in

Gallery- This section will talk about the real me which is very different from social media. I post NSFW fantasy content on social media and people falsely assume that I am like that in real life, that is not the case. If you are interested in learning about the REAL ME go to the Gallery section (fourth button on the top of my personal website

Contact Me-  The only non-paid venue to contact me is on X (Formerly Twitter) it is the only platform where I respond to DM's. My paid venues on Whooty (on menu option), I answer all messages.

Wiir1- An index of my sister websites and businesses. If you want to support me it will be greatly appreciated my links to PayPal can be found here.


After reading my page, one must come to the put-forth conclusion!

VERY IMPORTANT for you all to understand, I DO NOT DO any form of meetups (sexual or otherwise)!

I have a boyfriend whom I’ve been with since high school (I’m not married, read my philosophy in the “Gothic” menu item).

I am NOT looking for marriage or a relationship of any kind! Please DO NOT propose!

I DO NOT DO porn content with anyone other than my boyfriend!

Me and my boyfriend DO NOT swing and we DO NOT have an open relationship! Everything we do is purely virtual!

I do not do immigration for people trying to come to Canada even if you offer to pay, so PLEASE DO NOT ASK!

Lastly for those who cannot distinguish between what’s real and fake: People take my content and post it on various websites including dating, escort and promotional, this is FAKE! The only content and truth is found on my personal websites. Don’t be ignorant and believe everything you see online. To make it simple for those who struggle, if it’s not listed on my personal website, it’s FAKE and not true.

Note: Sorry for being blunt and direct, but you will not believe the amount of people asking for all the above and this has to be made clear!


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