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Note:  To comment or communicate about my personal website, please use the dedicated X post found below. Also feel free to comment on this blog as well.

For comments please "Click Here" use this X post!


I respond to messages (with substance) on:
X@DarkGothAngel (formerly Twitter)
Dang and Coven

Anywhere else you message me, you will not get a response!

Other methods to contact me is to join my free (weekly) Live-Streams on:

Follow me, set notifications on and you will know when I’m live. Join my streams and lets chat, just make sure to keep it clean as these platforms are not adult-oriented.

Below are my most active SFW social media, to see all of them expand here. For my fantasy porn/fetish NSFW social media then visit my fantasy site at Whooty. Have fun and kick the shit motherfuckers.

I have two email addresses:

All emails will end up in spam filter unless you verify.

Any other socials or emails, you see of me online, are fake and not me. Always remember, if it’s not listed here on my personal website then it’s fake and not real (i.e. not me). People take my content and post them all over, no need to tell me about it, I allow it so long it’s legal! so go nuts ;)

An excellent read to learn about me before contacting me can be found here: My Introduction and I’m only virtual

Hope to interact with you on the venues mentioned above and as always, kick the shit and never look back.

For the people that I know and have met, this is a number of contact:

1 (431) 489-2557.

Shipping address:
PO BOX 56001

Send an Interac e-Transfer (Pay to email:

My Amazon wish list (



This is to address how I will respond to messages on X (Formerly twitter). If you send me a DM, make sure it has substance by getting to the point and asking me directly what you want.  

Please avoid sending me dick pics or any sexual talk, this will be ignored and possibly blocked. All sexual talk and pics should go to my paid venues ONLY! I will not accommodate free play on free socials because of this reason: read here (under: Why I do what I do).

When you start a conversation, on X platform, don’t write“hey” or “what’s up” “how are you”, “how u doing” “I got a question”; because I don’t know you! On my paid platforms, I will know something about you and you will be part of my friends group and we can talk freely. However, if you approach me on X platform, I will not know you and will ignore no-substance one liners because these types of messages serve no purpose and don’t go anywhere. 

If you do not read my personal website to learn basic facts about me or make assumptions, you will either get ignored, blocked or get a generic response such as the example below:

Some_random_user:  Are you available?

Me:  Dear internet user,

In order to extinguish ignorance about someone’s inability to distinguish real from fake postings online, I’ve written the below and I advise you to read it carefully!

Don’t believe everything you see online, especially on some sham site! Always refer to the verified information on my personal website; I advise you to read it and then decide for yourself.

You can start here:

Hope this helps you.



I am a “virtual-ONLY” online model. I do not meet anyone from the internet. I have a boyfriend I’ve been with since high school and we do not have an open relationship. I do not do porn content with anyone other than my boyfriend.

Lastly for those who cannot distinguish between what’s real and fake: People take my content and post it on various websites including dating, escort and promotional, this is FAKE! The only content and truth is found on my personal websites. Don’t be ignorant and believe everything you see online. To make it simple for those who struggle, if it’s not listed on my personal website, it’s FAKE and not true.

Note: Sorry for being blunt and direct, but you will not believe the amount of people asking for all the above and this has to be made clear!


For all comments, suggestions, and communications about, please use the dedicated X-post listed below, or write your thoughts on this article in the comment section of this blog:

For comments please "Click Here" use this X post!


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