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We go through most of our life, by copying what other people do with slight variations. And we do that using prior assumptions, beliefs and widely held ‘best practices’ approved by the majority of people.


What if you delete everything you know about what you “should do”?

My philosophy, simply put, is mostly derived from my solemate boyfriend who’s outlook on things are outside the box. He made me see things from a different light and I am constantly evolving; my views and actions reflect that (for details, visit Free2Bme from the WiiR1 menu option).

I go by the rule of: Observational-Logic, where I don’t buy what I’m told, instead, I believe what I see in terms of consistency through time.

Let me elaborate: You can tell me “something” and I can observe you doing the “something”, but if you are not consistent with the “something” then you don’t have credibility, therefore, I never believed what you said. In order for me to believe anything, I must first see it and with sufficient time, only then will I believe it and act on it.

If you live your life by the above formula, it will be difficult to manipulate you. Therefore, your actions and choices will be of your own and not because of influence. This is the basis of my Life-Philosophy.

If you use Observational-Logic as the pillar to determine your definitions about life and everything else that comes with it, you will quickly realize that all of society’s dictates, including religions and traditions are nothing but fallacies. I freed myself from such beliefs and deleted ALL my definitions about everything (full factory reset); the result is what you see on my personal website

My philosophy on life is in constant evolution and to track its direction I will be posting all updates on Free2Bme (see WiiR1 from the menu option).

My life philosophy is my choice alone and I learn from observation, it means nothing to me what others think or their opinion because I walk my own path.


Everything you do at any moment in time is governed 100% by your programming you received from teachings, be it in schools, temples of worship, siblings, people in general and society.

How deep this programming and your belief in it, will determine your actions and behaviors. 


What if you deleted everything you were taught by the media, schooling, temple of worship ..etc, would that help you discover and follow your own true path that you set for yourself?

The answer for the above question is always yes of course I will follow my own true path! 

The only reason you don’t follow your own true path is because you set (via your programming) restrictive definitions and parameters that are limiting you from being your true self.

The question now becomes: Why don’t we delete everything we were indoctrinated with and start to live our lives being true to oneself?

If you do that, you will quickly discover a huge obstacle! And that obstacle is people’s opinion. The key is to follow it regardless of what others will think. 

The fear of what peers, family and others, in one's life will say, determines people's way of life; this is NOT who they are, what they want to be and what they really want to experience. 

I learned, one can lead a life for others and not for themselves. I chose to eliminate this fear and position myself together with my boyfriend and construct a path I am proud of and is liberating from my perspective; and we all have different perspectives and they are all valid. 

What rules people is one word F-E-A-R of repercussions, that is the only element that I feel prevents people from being their true selves. Now, to circumvent this people live double lives with the false hope that no one will find out, this opens the door for manipulation. 

My boyfriend and I positioned ourselves using our own philosophy because it is liberating, from our perspectives, and allows us to make decisions conjointly. 

I follow what I term Observational-Logic! I define Observational-Logic as: Never believe what you’re told and only believe what you observe.

Observational-Logic has taught me that society’s dictates are not only fear instilling and harmful in the long run as in my opinion it is quite stressful to abide by, also it's long outdated and ancient. Life is about experience and evolution not indoctrination and fear. Also, do not judge or assume falsely on others simply because you believe that if you see certain things it's automatically negative and bad. 

Now, one might post the question about the gothic aspect of my life. I made my own version of it which is basically live outside of what society dictates, follow your own path that you set for yourself. Don’t let others impact you by ridiculing you because they have their own agenda and fear stifles the weak. I do not see “goth” as defined by mainstream media, this is just an indoctrinated version not mine. 


If you tell me something, I will not believe you perse, but will give you the benefit of doubt. Your actions over “time” will determine my Observational-Logic to you. Your actions and behaviors based on your definitions/beliefs will paint a picture of you to me.

I go by the motto of: Live and let live. Do what feels right to you and keep in mind others around you. Walk your own path and people’s approval or “opinions” don’t matter. 

The most important rule is: Don’t push your ways and ideology on others! 

For in depth information about my philosophy and where I derive it from, please visit Free2Bme


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