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People see my content all over the internet and form a persona in their mind of who I am and what I’m all about. Upon visiting my website and when they chat with me on one of my live-streams, they quickly realize I’m not what they thought. This gallery is the real me. You will see my real personality, my fashion, how I go about doing things. 

I chose 3 main categories to include in my gallery, which is to give you an example of who I am, outside of the fantasy realm.

Daily media - My daily activities summarized in pix and videos. I’ll try and post as much as time permits.

Travel media - My passion is traveling by vehicle across North America. The fun is in the routes and not the final destination.

Fashion - Everyone has a fashion model that defines them, mine is simple and practical.

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Often people ask me how I deal with people confusing my real persona with the one associated with the adult industry. The simple answer is “it doesn’t matter what people think, it’s their perspective and not mine!”

My website is not designed to enlighten people about the real me, but rather give a venue to the ones who are interested in knowing the real me. Whatever you want to believe about me is OK, as we’re all free to think the way we want.

This brings up an important question I’m often asked: What attracts me the most in people?

I’m attracted to those who do not base their assumptions on what “looks like” but rather on the Understanding of knowledge, information and truth; as for the people who justify their own ignorance, I consider them gullible and unattractive.


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