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Diving into a deep ocean when you don’t know how deep the waters are and you learn as you go no matter what you choose is the adventure of choosing a lifestyle. 

Position yourself financially and mentally, remember hurdles will come some big some small the key is to stick with it and never quit and give up, that is the biggest sign of weakness 

Hurdles can be others judging you by being intimidating or putting you down because they view your choices as low and demeaning, keep the discipline and drive to continue your choice of lifestyle and enjoy the fruits and regards at the end.  

Being weak is being a follower instead of a doer and mistakenly believing in something you think is real but it is in fact fear generated or meant to herd you and eventually break you. 

There will always be the popular, cool appearance online or in person no matter where or what, but when you stand out as unique you cannot be broken as your foundation is solid not fragile. 

Goth Rebel is not “ I hate all authority, screw the world, I do what I want” it is believing in  something tangible and being able to back it up, stick with it by facing the hurdles which are society's way of herding you to where it thinks you belong.There will always be posers that pretend to be something they are not, generally they fade away fast and are just for fashion and show, they might look good but, they are temporary.   

Fear will also be one the greatest enemies, which manifests itself into thoughts like: will I succeed? What will people think? (outsiders such as people online, even those who know you) 
How can I win against a mass of people when I am one? The strength is in the determination to stand your ground and not deviate and fall for the lure of society’s false presentation of the “right thing”. 

Today’s era is very different from the time I started embarking on this moto,at that time tradition and culture were at their strongest and society had great input on young people and the choices they made, which is basically very similar if not identical to parents and baby boomers life. School, job and then marriage, kids to house.  I strongly believe my boyfriend and I were ahead of our time with our vision. 

Most lifestyles portrayed in the media are always shown in the best light, the actual hardships are masked and hidden as if they don’t exist, remember there are teams behind this: example a star is made: resources and money given endlessly, anything said or done is rehearsed and filtered to appear beautiful and perfect. 

Lifestyles I live are my reality and I lived them to the fullest, I have extensive pix and vids and also, the main thing which is positioning oneself, this can force you to make some tough choices like distancing yourself from family, friends etc, the key is to stick with it. 
The power is in the mind not the looks  and it is easy to say, oh I will do this like this person, what do they have that I don’t? Well a lot, don’t be a delusional moron. 
You will actually do your own hard work and be knowledgeable with real experience not half ass because some entity supporting you did the work and you just take the credit: this to me is weakness and eventually leads to a great fall on the ass without a cushion. 

One can certainly take ideas and make your own out of them, but remember key points you are unique not a follower.

Lifestyles today are a new phenomenon being born by new ways of life, people are more attuned to living what I term the single life, which means having one partner, or when they want someone they go online and shack up temporarily. The cost of living, and life in general go to a point where playing house(marriage and kids) became mundane, old school and outdated. Everyone wants to make money and be in control of their life as much as possible, hence the online professions opened up. Much of the population is aging and there are signs pushing people to have children, but they forget to mention the hardships and sacrifices one has to make. The young generation today is all about blogging, being internet famous, making money and expanding their presence on social media, hence online is  a person’s identity. 

My boyfriend and I have chosen lifestyles that suit us and we positioned ourselves for it, we accepted the obstacles and the positive outcomes, or fruits of our labor.  

Lifestyles should not be viewed as jobs but as a way of life, an experience you lived through to the fullest. I am focusing on a few: trucking, biker, RV, online sex pics and videos which results in Goth Rebel. 

Goth is not crazy hair and makeup, it is a way of life that I envision for myself that society frowns upon as it is not controlled by an entity which dictates what I say, how I look and who I associate with in my life. One needs substance not shallowness for social media publicity.

When you embark on any of the lifestyles I mentioned you must embrace it fully and that can be difficult as one generally focuses on the good instead of both good and bad, this is a common mistake that can cause a downfall and failure. Always research and formulate your own opinion, take ideas from others but let it end there. 

Lifestyles such as mine and my boyfriends come with another despicable hurdle that we never really faced which is racism and great prejudice, discrimiation from people who are narrow minded conservatives to the point of zero tolerance to anything outside of their belief system. In addition it  comes in the form of how you will be treated as opposed to others who are of a certain color, race, culture or gender identity. 
Sacrifices and compromises are a large part of lifestyles and this can be supporting your partner and making tough choices that may not always be favourable.

People in society today expect a lot when one pursues things differently without the normes or factors, such as: sex industry you need to be super hot, super young which appeals to a small percentage of people not the majority. On the other hand, there are those who want to oppress anything that does not match their belief system, I say screw that shit. 

I would like to outline a few examples of what I consider to be lifestyles that my boyfriend and I have incorporated into our lives in some ways and we could not be happier with our choices. 
Life to us is not work/kids/mortgage/ 10min of fun/ sleep, that is a waste and you are not living for you but for society’s fake “tradition” and the old way of life when the internet did not exist and certain things were expected as what was known was in the backyard. 

Online Sex Worker: I define this very differently from society. It is not limited to  a street walking crackhead, who has random sex to maintain an addiction, in some cases it is but not always. 
This has dramatically changed over the years and the only hurdle is society is trying to control the people in it and regulate it to keep anyone in it working around the clock and earning just enough to live.  

A woman should have the freedom to do with her body as she pleases, it is her choice! Freedom should not be limited within a specific scope because society dictates it. Freedom exists or not. 

There are of course some screwball conservatives who believe that this should be abolished and they come up with laws and rules to control, prevent or scare women into submitting to the fact that this profession is bad and should be banned. 

There is much discrimination against sex workers becuase screwballs feel that women specifically are exploiting their body and it is immoral to do so. Why should a woman sell herself sexually for money? Answer to both questions: her body is her choice, she likes it and does it in a safe manner, she makes a better living than an ordinary job where one works themselves to the bone and the money is not nearly enough or equal to the work being asked to be done. Also, one should not live for society and its rules of “morality”, one should have the mind to decide for oneself.  We all have bodies and all have had sex, but for some reason screwballs believe that this should be private and only done in the bedroom behind closed doors. Why do they have to influence their beliefs on others? Why can’t they just believe what they want and leave the rest of those who believe differently alone?  

Please read link below to a blog I wrote on this subject

Much of the younger generation is profiting from this type of life online and I have done the same but in a controlled way, mixed with different lifestyles like trucking, biking and eventually RV Travel. 

I have chosen this aspect in my life as it gives you a sense of freedom and empowerment as a woman that you are attractive in a sexual way, also, in my case I am only doing this stuff as a form of exploration in life while I am young, in addition I am doing it with a long term boyfriend. 

Today, as in the past anything that is misunderstood to be taboo will be deemed bad by a tiny group who make the most noise, and they seem like they are large in numbers but, in fact they are not. 

I find that these screwballs are always judging others who do not have the same belief system and they do their damnedest to influence that on people such as myself. The sex worker is not a bad person, a drug addict or unskilled person who failed in life and can do nothing but sell herself. This is so misconstrued. 

Experiencing Racism against a Lifestyle (mainly happens if the lifestyle is outside the considered norm). 
An ugly word but unfortunately exists in the world today, even with all the openness and  online connectivity with the world the fact that much of what was once (in the old day) unacceptable and considered taboo, like transgender, gay, lesbian, alternative lifestyles and interracial relationships is still an issue to few aging dinosaurs, and this can translates into discrimination against a person’s choice of life, who they are and how they represent themselves in society. 

Racism today exists behind closed curtains, meaning indirectly treating specific people differently from others, inequality; mainly happens in the workplace where specific people get promoted and others don’t, reward for effort to some goes unnoticed and others are praised for the slightest thing. Most aspects of racism and discrimination stems from the old conservative thinkers who do not allow people to evolve and control using the elements of fear and subliminal messages: Do the right thing, when you go out dress a certain way so people are not offended by how you look, any opinion you have has to be socially(society) acceptable otherwise hide it. Racism applies not just to people of a specific race, gender or color and religion; but also to lifestyles where  people who are considered different are forced to live a double life due to fear of ridicule and shame. 

We always lived in a multicultural community and town and never thought in my mind that just because a person is a certain way, or believes in something different from me that makes them bad.  Racist people are against evolution and progress, they want the world to stay stagnant with one method of thinking along with a single type of race they are born to accept. 

The fact that tradition and old cultural beliefs are dying out with the new generation is something conservatives cannot understand or accept so they fight losing battles, at the same time they are finding ways to control it by putting ridiculous rules and calling the safety and protection card of bullshit.  

You have those who don’t give care and just put up with it, going about their life and thinking things will never change. I am good as long as I have my job and can pay for my shit, this is a false sense of security. Nothing stays the same forever, everything changes in some way at some point. 

Put down comments like you are too old for this life, once you hit a certain age you have to be more conservative less like a 20 year old, I say this is talk from jealous people who hate the fact that someone is doing something they cannot do as their life situation does not permit it, and they cannot accept that someone who is of an older age is able to do it without fear of repercussions from others.

So this is why I chose this lifestyle with my boyfriend and we are living life to the fullest that suits us. I have seen and read online people saying “why don;t you do this or that”, it is not always easy, but, if you make the right choices then specific situations and people will materialize. 

Choices made, events happen- KIssra Words  


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