Things to note when chatting with me

After we are done chatting I tend to delete the chat history in order not to clutter my chat inbox. Keep in mind I chat with million people and I will not remember who you are or what we talked about the next time you come to chat with me. Chances are what you tell me is very similar to what million others tell me in chats, especially if your chat is sexual in nature and your profile is anonymous and your profile picture is some avatar other than your actual face picture! This does not happen often to verified people because I do remember most faces and names.

Always start new chats with new topics! Never start new chats by following up on previous conversations we had. I will ignore you because I will not remember who you are or what we talked about before.

No matter which social media site you see me on, its always best to chat with me on my Google+ because I am familiar with it and I have a system organized to help me remember people


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